Voodoo Dog - Hot Dogs restaurant in Tallahassee

      Awesome place!  I'm a huge fan of hot dogs... so I think I found my slice of hot dog heaven!  This spot is perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat.  I ordered  a Tijuana Dog (bacon wrapped dog topped with guacamole and sour cream) and a Hari Kari Dog (bacon wrapped dog with pineapple, teriyaki and chives).  OMG... they were delicious!  I mean c'mon... anything wrapped in bacon HAS to be good!  I'll definitely come back to this spot again (they have hamburgers too!).

    thumb R. Debrady F.

      Hotdogs, hamburgers, amd voodo? A question I found myself asking before my first visit. I've been back five times since. I was not sure how to approach Voodo Dog. What was I getting myself into, I thought. After walking inside and seeing the cultural history spanning several decades afixed to the walls, I felt comfortable. It's as if I had becomming here for years. The menu can be intimidating if it's your first visit. Don't panic, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I prefer their hamburgers with a side of fries. Everytime I go, I try something new because I have a feeling that I will not be upset nor wishing I had stuck to my usual.

    thumb Joshua G.

      First of all, I would like to thank Voodoo Dog for being open the day after hurricane Michael. The staff was so upbeat for it to be such a time of uncertainty Tallahassee Citizens.  The atmosphere was nostalgic and fun. As far as the food, I do have to say that I was unimpressed. I got the philly dog, which was essentially just a philly cheese steak, minus the steak, on top of a dog. My wife got the Fat Catz, which was just a Reuben without the pastrami. So just sauerkraut...it was disappointing and I wanted to like it so bad, but even the atmosphere couldn't save the food. After a trip to California, we expected the dogs to be more  elevated. However, to be fair, I thought about getting the Wake and Bake, but I changed my mind last minute. That was a bacon wrapped hotdog with a fried egg on it. I probably would have enjoyed that more if I had been more brave, but I tried to play it safe. So I guess the lesson here is to really go for it. My sister who came along got the Good Ole Boy, and said that it was okay. Two stars for now, I will be going back in hopes of a better experience. This time I'll go with my first mind.

    thumb Melanin M.

      My favorites are the "Good Ol' Boy" and the "Chili Dog" with onions. The eccentric and vintage atmosphere make you enjoy sitting and eating whether alone or with friends. The fries are delish too.

    thumb Ashley S.

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