Voodoo Dog - Hot Dogs restaurant in Tallahassee

      Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah that's a mean wiener. ¬†This place should not be missed. Try a chili dog with Cole slow on top.

    thumb Josh K.

      Never had voodoo dog but I heard it is a great place. My only concern is if there is more to the menu than just hot dogs?... Mackenzie do you know?

    thumb Quincy N.

      I ended up wandering into Voodoo Dog after a beautiful night with a friend. We went to a local jam session and wandered throughout the city's art district taking pictures and reminiscing on simpler times. As the night concluded, we decided to enter Voodoo Dog to cap off a successful night and soak up the libations we consumed throughout our time together. The exterior of the place is pretty dope. It's wooden and has a very rustic charm to it. When entering the building you're transported into a space of nostalgia, with classic movies, shows and pop culture scattered everywhere. When I arrived I was in desperate need of food and ordered the simplest and least exciting thing on their menu: Plain Hot Dog and Fries. I got a cup of water to accompany it and topped off the hotdog with some deli mustard. It was pretty good. The hotdog wasn't as big as I had thought it would be. It was a bit on the small/skinny side. I could tell it was an all beef frank though which was nice. The fries were a typical bunch. Lightly salted, served hot and crispy. They didn't stick out to me though, but they still served their purpose. The person taking my order was really sweet and welcoming and the back of the house was a lot of help when asking for the mustard, because it wasn't on the tables. If you're searching for a place with a nostalgic feel that has a dark and moody interior and serves up a good hotdog, I would recommend this place. The staff was friendly. I would only recommend a bigger hotdog and more unique fries. ¬†


    thumb Marcus T.

      This place has such a hole in the wall type place feel to it. From it's vintage decor, to the fact that it is basically a hole in the wall. But any time I drive through Tallahassee I have to stop in here to get a hot dog. They are so good and pretty cheap too. My favorite is a hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered with Mac and Cheese. Such an interesting take on a hot dog place.

    thumb Patrick W.

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